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What even is a Penfriend?

Can I try Penfriend for free?


We give you 3 free articles so you can test Penfriend and see the results for yourself.

Sign up in the nav bar and generate your first article.

Are the articles safe for Google?


Penfriend articles are safe for Google.

Our platform generates unique and original content that adheres to Google's guidelines. We prioritise creating content that offers genuine value to readers, making sure it aligns with best practices and avoids any potential penalties from search engines.

Are the articles optimised for search?


Penfriend articles are crafted with search optimization in mind.

Built with the expertise of an SEO Content Strategist with over 10 years of experience, our articles are designed to be search engine friendly.

How do I make sure the articles are high quality?

Penfriend is built using the expertise of an SEO Content Strategist with over 10 years of experience, who’s delivered $36.1M in client revenue.

And we’ve dedicated over 1,500 hours to refining our article writing prompts.

This combination makes sure our articles are optimised for search engines and reader engagement.

Does Penfriend.ai run on ChatGPT?

Penfriend uses the OpenAI API to generate articles.

In the future we plan to add other LLMs because some are better at particular tasks and we want to reduce the dependency on one LLM.

Can I see an example of a Penfriend article?


We’re creating a list of article examples over here.

Is Penfriend just a ChatGPT wrapper?


You can’t do what Penfriend does in ChatGPT.

Penfriend does use the ChatGPT API to generate articles but there are over 40 unique prompts and agents that go into building each article section by section.

What writing is Penfriend best at?

Penfriend is designed to make long form articles that rank in Google.

The 20+ prompts that go into making an article are based on a proven SEO content strategy that’s delivered $36.1M in client revenue.

But, we have seen people use the articles Penfriend generates for other things:

  1. Video scripts
  2. LinkedIn posts
  3. Personal blog posts

Just know that we built it to make articles that rank in Google.

Can I generate multiple articles at the same time?

Yes and no.

Today you can generate one article at a time in one tab.
But, you can also run Penfriend in multiple tabs. (I've had +80 instances running at once before now...)

In the future we plan to allow multiple generations at once.