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Penfriend vs

Are you lost in the hundreds of options inside of

When all you want to do is make a blog?
An unbiased take on how we stack up against the AI powerhouse that is Copy ai.

We're not here to 💩 on Copy ai. I have many clients that use it daily for a lot of things. 

But, there is a reason why Penfriend exists today. Let's get into it.


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Editor's Note: This review was made in March 2024 and contains everything we know about Penfriend and Things change, AI is moving so insanely fast, so if this is out of date, please let us know and we'll update it - Tim 👻 is a huge player in the AI content space. I mean, their name is literally COPY AI. It's no surprise what they do. And what they is a lot. A LOT A LOT. They are pretty much writing the playbook and what AI can do over there.

We, on the other hand, are not We are entirely self-funded, a small team and we're not trying to take over the AI world. At least not yet.

We're here to make things way easier for you.

The TL;DR is this, does a lot of things well. HUNDREDS OF THINGS. You want ad copy, a Youtube description, hell even an email written for you? can and will help you. 

On the other hand, we do one thing really f*ckin' well: Fact-checked first drafts for your content team. 

Penfriend can be as little as 3 clicks to make an article. We do all the prompting for you. I personally have spent over 2,100 hours writing the prompts for how Penny works. I know SEO, I know content. All that heavy lifting, learning, prompt-chasing, done for you.

That all being said, we are not the right choice for everyone. So, let me pull apart Penfriend and see how we fair against the giant that is

How does Penfriend stack up against



Content Quality

Designed to produce more comprehensive and in-depth fact checked first drafts

Can vary hugely based on prompting skill

Average Article Length

2,850 words

300-750 words

Time to produce an article

6 mins

8 mins + time to edit

Needed to make an article

1 keyword and 3 clicks

A title, all your keywords and 17 clicks.

Best Use Case

Specializes in long-form blog articles and SEO-focused content

Really depends on what you're looking to do with it.

Free trial?

3 free articles (avg 2,850 words each)

Free trial (2,000 words total)

Number of AI engines



Undetectable AI content



When to use Penfriend vs

We made Penfriend to give content teams the ability to easily create great content at scale.

When to use

Long-form blog content and speed — from search aligned finished draft to a fact checked published article and it being done for you?
Penfriend is your go to.

  • You need great fact-checked first draft content today
  • You don't want to prompt 
  • You want us to do all the SEO analysis for you

When to use

If you’re looking for copy, draft ads, YouTube video ideas, or are happy to do more of the content yourself — is a great choice.

  • You're an enterprise team
  • You have the time to edit and build blogs
  • You'll use all the templates they have

Companies driving more traffic with Penfriend

They said it, not us.

I've tried Jasper, CopyAI, ChatGPT and Rytr. Penfriend is 10x better. The output from Penfriend gives me a really solid foundation of content depth that I can improve upon, in 80% less time.
The title suggestions are incredible, the outline is really solid and the content length and depth is IMPRESSIVE!

Filipa Canelas


Generate high quality, search optimised articles

  • Get articles built on a proven content strategy
  • Get high quality articles in minutes, not weeks
  • We handle all the prompting for you

No credit card necessary