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Penfriend vs ChatGPT

How's getting ChatGPT to write you a blog going?

Are you spending hours, days, chasing prompts? 
Trying to get the perfect blog out of a platform that's meant to do a hundred million different things?

It's hard right? It's why we made

Just a heads up before we compare the two. We use OpenAI's API to do a portion of the work behind Penny. 
We like ChatGPT. But it's blunt penknife when you don't know how to use it.
And, if you're anything like us, you don't have hours, days, weeks to get your prompts  working.

Penfriend is the precision scalpel that ChatGPT isn't. 
Let's get in


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Editor's Note: This review was made in May2024 and contains everything we know about Penfriend and ChatGPT Things change, AI is moving so insanely fast, so if this is out of date, please let us know and we'll update it - Tim 👻

ChatGPT is enormous. Let's be honest. In 2023 we all got the news that us marketers were losing our jobs to the robot overlords and ChatGPT was the poster child.

Turns out that wasn't the case. We're actually losing our jobs to the people using ChatGPT. And as one of those people I can tell you it's an insane amount of work to make anything good in ChatGPT. 

The TL;DR is this, ChatGPT is great for single task, "what is" type work. But, when it comes to the full, topic understanding, complex multi-decision task that is making a blog it's kinda shitty. Especially when you know what a good blog looks like.

On the other hand, we do one thing really f*ckin' well: Fact-checked first drafts for your content team. 

Penfriend can be as little as 3 clicks to make an article. We do all the prompting for you. I personally have spent over 2,100 hours writing the prompts for how Penny works. I know SEO, I know content. All that heavy lifting, learning, prompt-chasing, done for you.

That all being said, we are not the right choice for everyone. So, let me pull apart Penfriend and see how we fair against the juggernaut that is OpenAI's ChatGPT.

How does Penfriend stack up against ChatGPT?



Content Quality

Designed to produce more comprehensive and in-depth fact checked first drafts

Can vary hugely based on prompting skill

Average Article Length

2,850 words

Doesn't really write articles...

Time to produce an article

6 mins

Hours. You need to write the prompts and then put it all together.

Needed to make an article

1 keyword and 3 clicks

Everything. And then all the knowledge on how to get that out of the platform in the first place.

Best Use Case

Specializes in long-form blog articles and SEO-focused content

Really depends on what you're looking to do with it.

Free trial?

3 free articles (avg 2,850 words each)

Free forever on the previous model.

Number of AI engines



Undetectable AI content



When to use Penfriend vs

We made Penfriend to give content teams the ability to easily create great content at scale.

When to use

Long-form blog content and speed — from search aligned finished draft to a fact checked published article and it being done for you?
Penfriend is your go to.

  • You need great fact-checked first draft content today
  • You don't want to prompt 
  • You want us to do all the SEO analysis for you

When to use ChatGPT

It's the new Google. It's the new search engine. It's literally taking over the world. What can't you use it for?
If you have the time to build out the prompts.

  • You know how to prompt
  • You have the information you need to get the most out of it.

Companies driving more traffic with Penfriend

They said it, not us.

I had been using ChatGPT (paid version) for a while. It was my go-to after trying others like Jasper, Claude and a few others which left me a bit meh. And then came Penfriend… My first impression? Woooowww, just wow!!! 🤩🙌🏼 After using it for a couple of weeks? It only got better and I won’t be looking back 💗

Lauren Horkey

The Content Shack

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